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What is Oliver Christian Academy?


Oliver Christian Academy is a homeschool tutorial located in Mt. Juliet, TN. While we offer local courses and tutoring, our goal is to strengthen the efforts of parents across different educational platforms.  We offer a twice-a-week in-person tutorial, online instruction, tutoring, and virtual tutoring or instruction. Our forums provide a point of exchange for helpful tips and curriculum review. 


Our tutorial services are highly customizable and designed to meet the individual needs of each family. Contact us today to learn more about how our resources can help your homeschooling or virtual student.

How does it work?


Courses are taught in person and online using an interactive webinar format.  If you reside in the Nashville, TN area, we would love to connect with you in person. You can learn more about our upcoming classes on our Tutorial page!

Two Days on Campus Tutorial & Three Days at Home

If you are interested in touring to learn more about our program please fill out our Contact Form.  

Interactive Learning

Our instructors and tutors work to employ a variety of teaching methods to keep students engaged in the learning process. Whether your student is virtual or in-person, they will be able to connect according to their individual learning style and interests.

Virtual Learning


Students can use their mobile device, Mac Computer, or PC to connect online with their instructor or tutor.  Courses are taught weekly and can be administered in a group setting or one-on-one instruction.  

How does the Oliver Christian Academy private tutoring program work?


Each tutoring relationship starts with an initial introduction of the student and their tutor.  Based on that conversation, the tutor and student/parent team will determine if the relationship fits the needs of the student. Students will then send subject-specific information to the tutor and arrange a tutoring schedule for the month. Tutor commitments are monthly to provide the best opportunity for student success.

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