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Girl in Classroom

It is always exciting to meet new families interested in Oliver Christian Academy!

If you are thinking about homeschooling through Oliver Christian Academy, please read through the following steps:

  1. Email our campus administrator, Rena Angell, - to discuss what homeschooling with Oliver Christian Academy looks like and to set up a tour.  

  2. Once your questions are answered and you’d like to apply for the program, you will be emailed an application to complete.

  3. After we review your application, we will be in touch to set up a family interview including both parents and all prospective students.  *Please note: completion of an application or interview does not guarantee enrollment. 

  4. If we are all in agreement that Oliver Christian Academy would be a good fit, we will send an enrollment invitation by email welcoming you to Oliver Christian Academy tutorial! At this point, further details will be provided.

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