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Kindergarten/1st English and Math

Class Description: 

Kindergarten & 1st Grade are the foundation for all higher learning. Some of the skills that  students will learn: 

• English: letters & sounds, words, reading, writing sentences, and more.  

• Math: numbers 1-100, adding, subtraction, shapes, data skills, time, and more.  

I teach using multi-modal learning techniques, which include visual, auditory, reading, writing,  and kinesthetic methods. In our classroom, you would see singing, dancing, games, sign language, hands-on, and paper/pencil practice. There will be one-on-one interaction with individuals and small groups. 

Kindergarten/1st Science and Social Studies

Class Description: 

K/1 Science

In our class, we will be using “The Good and The Beautiful” curriculum to learn about trees, plants, insects, animals, etc. It provides fun, age-appropriate lessons and we will sometimes add extra activities/experiments as well.


K/1 Social Studies

In our class, we will be learning about our country and world history, as well as supplemented lessons about our community and other local history.


K thru 3rd Grade Art /Music 

Class Description 

Instructor-based proprietary curriculum. It will include foundational art concepts and music awareness. Students will learn about color, sound, rhythm, various art mediums, dance, and song. This class will be taught from a Bible-based curriculum developed by the instructors. 


2/3rd Grade English

Class Description: 2/3rd grade English will build on foundational reading skills. They will think, talk, and write about what they read. They will write and describe, provide information, or share an opinion. Students will learn how to develop a topic as well as strengthen their skills by editing and revising.

2/3rd Grade Math 

Class Description: 

2nd/3rd Grade Math will work to strengthen basic addition and subtraction concepts as well as begin introducing multiplication and division. Hands-on materials as well as practice problems will be used to build understanding. There will be a foundation for fractions and comparing fractions. Concepts of time and other measurements will be practiced. We will also learn about area, perimeter, and reading graphs. 

2/3rd Grade Science

Class Description: 

2nd/3rd Grade Science will focus on earth and space science topics. These topics include the

Earth as part of our solar system, galaxy, and the universe. We will examine rocks and minerals in the earth’s crust and look at what happens with the movement of the earth’s crust (volcanoes and earthquakes) as well as the oceans of the earth. We will also explore the atmosphere and weather. Topics will be covered by doing activities and experiments with some reading assignments. 


2/3rd Grade Social Studies

Class Description: TBD

4/5th Grade English 

Class Description: 

BJU Grammar and Writing 4/5 & Spelling 4/5 will serve as the primary text for this class. We will have four novel studies that include (Because of Winn-Dixie, Number the Stars, Who was Albert Einstein?, and City of Ember) where students will learn to develop their reading comprehension and thinking skills through high-quality literature using written activities and projects. 


4/5th Grade Science   

Class Description: 

4th/5th Grade Science will go deeper into topics on earth and space science. Using readings, activities, and experiments we will cover basic areas of earth and space science. Topics will include the earth in space: solar system, galaxies, planets, and stars; rocks, minerals, and erosion; movement of the earth’s crust: volcanoes and earthquakes; the atmosphere and weather, and oceans. 


4/5th Grade Math

Class Description: 

4/5th Grade Math will focus on adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing whole numbers, fractions, and decimals. We will use manipulative and practice problems relating to place value, adding subtracting, multiplying, and dividing. We will learn about factors and multiples as well as looking for different patterns in math. We will go deeper into fractions, looking at equivalent fractions and how to add, subtract, and multiply fractions. Fractions lead to learning about decimals. There will also be some work with geometric concepts. 


4/5th Grade Social Studies

Class Description: TBD


4/5th Grade PE, Art, or Music

Class Description: TBD

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