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6-8th Grade Math

Class Description: 

This class provides individualized instruction based on the initial student assessment and learning style. Students will use either Math U See, Saxon Math, or Life of Fred as a base curriculum. There will be an opportunity to supplement with additional interactive learning tools as needed. 

6-8th Grade World History 

Course Description:  

This class will use Notgrass curriculum and supplemental material to teach students about the history of our world.  This history is taught from a biblical perspective- and helps them to map out the story of mankind from creation to the modern age.

6-8th Grade English 

Course Description: 

This course will include a combination of Grammar, Selected Literature, Basic Literary Analysis,  Writing, and more. The full curriculum will consist of Easy Grammar, some IEW principles, and other standards-based objectives. Much of the instruction will be based on the individual learning levels of each student. Students will start the semester with an assessment and adapt  the learning goals from those results. There will be support for those overcoming reading and learning challenges. 


6-8th Grade Physical Science

Class Description:

Beginning with an introduction to why we do science, the Physical Science Student Text, 5th ed., gradually builds the student’s understanding of physics concepts in a logical sequence. Beginning with classical mechanics, the text progresses through work and energy, wave phenomena, electricity and magnetism, and light and optics. This transition naturally into the chemistry topics, beginning with the atomic model, then to elements and compounds, chemical reactions, and finishing with solutions, acids, basis, and salts. Every chapter shows by example why the subject matter is relevant to a Christian worldview of science.


6-8th Grade Art - Mixed Media

Class Description:

Students will have fun while learning the fundamentals of art through drawing, painting, and mixed media; allowing their creativity to develop and shine.

6-8th PE, Music

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